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Crypto Bot's algorithm filters out the valuable signals from the market chaos and delivers readers the most profitable trades 0.05 ms faster than any other tool. This feature makes Crypto Bot more robust, reliable, and competitive in the crypto industry. It's an award-winning tool developed after years of hard work to simplify the market risk.

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You get a variety of cutting-edge trading features including:

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Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Roadmap

Bitcoin is getting more popular every single day and now it's the most valuable cryptocurrency of all time. Here is its quick timeline for you.

January 2008

Bitcoin term and concept were initially coined

January 2009

Satoshi Nakamoto created 50 Bitcoins

March 2010

Bitcoin value jumped from US$0 to $0.0008

February 2011

Cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin was launched

May 2012

Bitcoin gained value and touched a high of $250

December 2021

Bitcoin is currently priced at $47,656

How Crypto Bot Platform Works

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Crypto Bot is a tool that helps you make trading decisions on exchanges. It does this by looking at the current market and then making a prediction of what it thinks will happen to different currencies.
After it has analyzed the market, the bot will send you an email. The email is sent to you immediately after your bot is live on one of our supported exchanges. The bot will send you an email with your trading opportunities for the day.
The Crypto bot looks at the current market and analyses it. The bot will then tell investors if they should buy or sell their currency, depending on what the market is doing.
The dashboard allows you to see what your bot is doing live on the market, and what it is telling you to do (buy or sell). The email alerts notify you of your trading opportunities for the day.
Yes, it is truly free to use our crypto-bot. You only need to make the minimum deposit of $250 to get started and start trading with the support of experts.
Yes, the Crypto Bot is a legitimate tool. It will not cause you to lose money sporadically.
The Crypto Bot currently works on Binance, Bitfinex, OKEx, HitBTC and Kucoin. All the brokers of this tool are verified and are in this industry for years now.
The bot works on all coins, big and small like bitcoin, litecoins, and more.